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Buy/Sell, Share Videos & Photos, Customize Your Stoop! Level up and Earn Rewards from your daily Positive Energy & Social Equity activity through posts and promoting the community.

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The Promise

#Onthestoop you can really (no we mean really) support the things you love and be supported without dumbing down who you are.

The Community

Creating together, uplifting our peeps: the catalytic conscious creative, capturing everyday moments kind-of-social. (Say that 3 times)

The End Game

Social equity. To create apportunities for marginalized users by implementing revenue sharing systems that the entire social network can benefit from.

The Vibe

Pure Creativity, Positivity, and Productivity. The Connecting Culture!

What is StoopUp?

We've created a digital neighborhood welcoming friends and family to move into some positive social real estate! StoopUp is making a statement and even challenging our community to reverse engineer our mindsets that have been inundated with negativity. Collectively and interactively take a stance that challenges us to go upwards morally....level up, step up...StoopUp.

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  • Buy
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  • Earn Rewards
  • Customize Your Stoop
  • Real-Time Positive Energy and Social Equity Gauges
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StoopUp's theme is established within a digital neighborhood to give a sense of mental safety, community connection, positive awareness and user value almost instantly.

Positive Energy

Aside from what it is ``in real life`` - this is our way of making your digital positivity energy visible. Based on your engagement within the Neighbor your ``Positive Energy`` increases in real time.

Social Equity

Social Equity is our way of showing you how much value you have added to the Neighborhood. In our phase 1 development you can earn rewards with your equity. The End Game is turning these points into currency! No FREE LABOR #onthestoop.

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Why We Exist

StoopUp is Social media ``reimagined”. A platform where “Positive interactions” lead the way and change the game. We don't live in a perfect world where everything is ``all good`` but we can create digital spaces where we can be inspired by, make room for, focus on and celebrate ``the good`` and emit good vibes to make a brighter today or tomorrow for our neighbors.

  • Connecting the Culture
  • Connecting you to Good Vibes
  • Creating Value where it matters
  • and much more...

Made With You In Mind!

Enjoy the StoopUp Promo with Featured Artist Mike Gz! Tell Us Can Ya Feel Dat!

What's Really Good?

Research proves that people strangely gravitate to the negativity that some companies intentionally inject in social platforms to keep people coming back. It has also shown that the negativity via social platforms leads to unhappiness, depression and Fear of missing out (FOMO). There's enough negativity on the current social media apps to last us all 10 lifetimes!

StoopUp's theme is established within a digital neighborhood to give a sense of mental safety, community connection, positive awareness and user value almost instantly.

Not only will we serve as an alternative to current problems that are the byproduct of social media but we aim to prevent problems as the only Positivity Driven Social App in the market.

The Good Vibes are now available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5

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Make History by Backing the Project!

Neighborhood Liberator

One Time Donation

Help humanity vibrate higher and collectively end poverty! We will also give you props on the Supporter page of our website to show that you were one of the first people to commit to helping use create the app and rock with the Positive Connecting Culture #onthestoop.
  • Your Name featured in the app! Meet others who have supported by logging in and tap “Weekly #OntheStoop” at the top right of the Neighborhood feed!
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FAQ's & Neighborhood Vernacular

Buy/Sell, Share Videos & Photos. Level up and Earn Rewards from your daily Positive Energy & Social Equity activity through notes & promoting StoopUp.

What is my Stoop?

A display of you, what you dig and your layman's terms: your super cool profile. BTW that's totally customizable!

What does it mean to ``Support``? Why not just ``follow`` like every other platform??

Anyone can ``Follow`` without a (first or) second thought. It displays another level of consciousness to decide to ``support`` or ``back`` someone. Support, meaning, you consciously get behind your Neighbor and what they are about. Strengthening their confidence in what they do or present. Those who support are in it with you for the long haul. Those who follow, see you today...gone tomorrow.

What is a Chime in?

According to Google
Chime in: interject a remark. Join in harmoniously.

On the Stoop:
Chime in: State your position, perspective and opinions. We respect that on the Stoop.

Even if we agree to disagree we do it with class and in style! Chaos and confusion stifles creativity and community confidence, suffocating the flow of the convo (collective consciousness). Not too different from Google just with swag.

What does it mean to give props?

According to Google:
Props: respect or credit due to a person

On the Stoop:
We're with Google on that 100%

What is the plaza?

According to Google:
Plaza: a public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a built-up area.

On the Stoop:
Plaza: As to NOT SPAM (like totally litter the neighborhood feed) we built the Plaza (the digital marketplace) to give our Neighbors an opportunity to promote their goods/services in excellence!

***Anyone can buy from the Plaza but you must be verified on the Stoop to sell items/services.

What is a note?

According to Google:
Note: a brief record of facts, topics, or thoughts, written down as an aid to memory.

On the Stoop:
Note: Creative content with good vibes. Messages shared that don't leave your neighbors feeling like the world is about to end! Not too different from Google just with swag.

***This is not where you would ``sell items or promote services``. The Plaza is the best for that otherwise you may become known for digital littering ``SPAMMING THE NEIGHBORHOOD THREAD``

What is the meaning of the ``clinched fist`` icon?

It means you are giving props on a note that was shared by a neighbor in the community. It means you're pickin up what they're puttin down!

What can I do about Hateration in the neighborhood?

To protect our community, we have an ``Alert the Neighborhood`` report button as an option on every note or item posting. If you experience bullying, harassment or any other new age form of hateration, simply hold your head up high and tap ALERT THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Bringing Positivity to the Forefront!

We aim to create revenue generating opportunities for everyone that puts in the blood, sweat and tears to expand, and be the positive result when psychology has made a conclusion of the ``long term`` effects on mental health from Social Apps. NO HATERATION, NO DATA MINING and NO FREE LABOR!

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